Hardwood floors can be a significant investment in your house.  For this reason you want to make them last as long as possible. And although they have a reputation for being strong, tough and durable, they can still be damaged if proper care isn’t taken.  To give you insight into how your investment can be spoiled we’ve created a list of the top four things that can ruin hardwood flooring.


If you have a gravel driveway, it’s easy to drag small pebbles and stones into your house on the bottom of your shoes.  Left to hang around for any length of time, these pebbles will eventually cause scratches and gouges in your hardwood floor.  It’s best to pick these up as soon as possible. Doormats on either side of your front door will also help keep these small destroyers off your precious floors.

Dirt And Dust

Dirt and dust may not be as noticeable as pebbles or rocks, but they can still wear away at your hardwood floor over time.  Keep your floors free of this destructive material by regularly sweeping with a soft bristled broom and vacuuming on a weekly basis.  Again, areas around the doors leading outside are more vulnerable to the abrasive matter because of it being brought in from the outdoors.  Lay down floor mats to help protect these high traffic areas.


Water and hardwoods do not mix well.  And although the surface of most hardwood floors are treated with a coating that can prevent minor spills and splashes from causing damage, you’ll want to make sure to wipe up any excess water as soon as possible.  You should also refrain from using excessively wet mops to clean the floor. If you do need to use a mop, make sure it’s thoroughly wrung out. Floods and large spills can spell disaster for hardwood floors. Once water gets through the seams and reaches the underside of the floorboards, swelling, cupping and curling can result.  It’s best to avoid using hardwoods in areas that are prone to flooding.

Children And Dogs

Children and pets can be hard on a household in general.  When it comes to children and flooring, toys are often the biggest cause of scrapes and dents in the wood.  Try to encourage toy play to take place on a rug or other floor covering material. When it comes to dogs, keep their nails well trimmed to prevent inadvertent scratching.