Your office space is a representation of the health of your business. Whether you operate out of a home office in your study, or you work at a business located in the financial district of your local city, the look of your office can tell a lot about your company. A healthy, stable company will simply invest more into the look of its office space.

Walls will be painted brighter, office workers will be wearing professional attire and will have higher morale, and the flooring will be renovated often in order to keep up with the demands of the work place.

However, not every office does this, and not doing so can hurt your sales. Visitors and repeat customers want to do business with companies that they perceive are successful. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to generate more customers is to update your office’s look.

The following is a common depiction of an office that has not updated its flooring in several years. Does this scenario sound familiar?

The office flooring is not getting any newer. Sure, you installed it five to ten years ago, but the office is busy, with people walking around, chairs sliding around, and heavy machinery being put into place. After some time, you look at your flooring and you realize you could renovate your flooring. Doing so will make your office look just like new.

Usually, there is little difference between companies and their competition. Services are similar, pricing is similar, and employee satisfaction and morale are similar. What can make a big difference is customer perception. A customer’s perception of a business mainly relies on his or her experiences while visiting the office. One of the first things people notice when walking into a new office is the flooring.

Offices that look better will be treated better by potential customers, which can lead to increased sales for the business. This is the power of a great-looking floor, especially when you use engineered hardwood flooring.

Luckily, engineered hardwood flooring has several advantages over hardwood flooring, all of which can benefit you and your office. Engineered hardwood flooring is stronger, more durable, less resistant to changes in humidity, temperature, or office moisture, and more stable.

These are a few of many reasons why engineered hardwood flooring is better for your office flooring. However, of all the benefits associated with engineered hardwood flooring, perhaps the best advantage is the ease of installation.

Installing engineered hardwood flooring is simple, and can be done quickly and efficiently. As an office manager, you and several staff could install a new floor over the weekend, minimum, depending on the size of your office and the size of the flooring you are replacing.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed with staples, glue, or floats. Regular hardwood flooring, as great as it is, is simply not as efficient as engineered hardwood flooring when it comes to installation.

If you are looking for a form of flooring that will stand up to regular office work throughout the years, is superior to other forms of wood flooring, and is simple to install, you should consider installing engineered hardwood flooring. It should be the superior flooring choice for busy office professionals who require a superior floor to handle the heavy use, and wear and tear, that office work brings.

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