Many people choose hardwood flooring due to its beauty, resilience, durability, and more. Having a wood floor can bring back nostalgia of camping in the woods, as well as provide a natural setting to your home. In today’s world, where most technological wonders are made of metal and plastic (two man-made substances that do not occur naturally in their final form), wood flooring is a welcome flooring option for people from every demographic who want a natural look, like homeowners, single people, and bosses.

However, as nice as your hardwood flooring looks, it must be given the proper maintenance and care in order for it to look its best all year round. Due to the humidity the summer brings, you need to keep a few things in mind as you end another successful summer and prepare for the fall.

Sand and Dirt Can Easily Become Ingrained

Whether you are back from the beach or the backwoods trails, it is almost unavoidable to prevent people from tracking sand or dirt inside your home. You may not have dusted off your beach towel. Your dog may not have had his feet properly cleaned before he entered the house. The opportunities to track sand and dirt into your home are endless. Luckily, this is not a problem for your hardwood flooring if you use proper maintenance to care for them.

Instead of sweeping your floors, vacuum them. By vacuuming your floors, you are using the power of suction to literally lift dirt and sand off your floor without scratching it. By contrast, simply sweeping dirt and sand around your floor only lets the particles fall between and inside the floorboards, making it harder to get them out. If you want to preserve the beauty and strength of your hardwood flooring, start vacuuming your floors.

Draw the Blinds As Often As You Can

The Sun is an amazing thing and we should all take a minute to appreciate it. If not for the Sun, we would not be here. However, the Sun is best enjoyed outside where you and your family can run and play, not inside where it will damage your hardwood flooring. The Sun’s rays, if concentrated long enough on your beautiful hardwood floorboards, can dis-color and age them. Although varnish can be bought to restore color to your floorboards, it is not the same thing.

Your hardwood flooring is like a new car. The paint job looks beautiful when newly bought. However, over time, if you do not care for your car’s appearance, the elements can make it look old. While you can always put a new coat of paint on your car, it is not the same coat of paint that the car came with. If you care about preserving the original beauty of your hardwood flooring from Day 1, you should keep it shaded from the Sun’s rays.

This means drawing the blinds, closing the curtains, and closing the window shutters, whenever you do not need them. While you can still open the window in order to circulate fresh air throughout your home, creating as much shade as possible is needed to keep your hardwood flooring away from the direct gaze of the Sun. If you do that, your hardwood floors will look beautiful every day, for decades to come.

Beautiful hardwood flooring can be yours, from Invision Hardwood & Décor in Vaughan. With proper attention and care, it is easy to ensure your flooring looks and remains beautiful and strong. We sell hardwood flooring to customers in the city, as well as in Toronto, the GTA, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and Woodbridge. For more information, please visit us at our website today.