Looking to make a change in your flooring but not sure if you should go with solid hardwood or laminate? Many of us grew up thinking laminate was inferior and caused problems when it warped. Laminate flooring technology have improved significantly over the past few years and is a great option for many homeowners looking to renovate.


Laminate floor is made of fiberboard which is then covered with an image of stone, wood, or brick. It’s then covered with a protective top layer to prevent wear. Hardwood floors are 100% solid wood.


The average life expectancy of a laminate floor is about 10 years. Water damage and scratches from furniture legs can shorten its life. Hardwood floors on the other hand can last a lifetime if they’re cared for properly. Things like water damage left for too long can irreparably harm the floor.


Most laminate floors snap together with no glue, making it a great DIY project. Hardwood floors really need to be installed by professionals.

Resale Value

Premium laminated floors have moderate resale value, plus the warranties can be transferred from owner to owner. Hardwood floors in great condition have better resale values than laminate floors.

Pet Endurance

Laminate floors are excellent for pets because the wear layer puts up well with dog claws. Hardwood floors gouge easily, especially if they’re made of softer wood. If you have pets, opt for harder wood and use carpets to lessen the surface area your dog can reach.

Which to Buy?

Go with laminate if you want a lower-cost, easily-maintainable floor that’s easy to install. If you are looking to sell in the next few years, hardwood will add the most value and make a great buying feature.