Are you unable to afford a good hardwood flooring for your house? Have you yearned for hardwood and now disappointed that your budget is not allowing you to go for it? Then you do not have to feel disheartened, because there is a good substitute to hardwood flooring- laminate floors.

Laminate floors have the ability to imitate any kind of floors, including tiles and ceramics. They are easy to install and do not need any kind of finishing or refinishing job like the hardwood floors. The topmost layer of the laminate floors stays intact for a long time, which means you can get that hardwood look and still keep it together or undamaged for many years to come; furthermore, it is absolutely waterproof.

There are four layers to the laminate floors, and each of the layers signifies beauty, versatility, durability and stability respectively. The layers are brought together by double fusing, where the layers are treated to heat and pressure, so that they stay put, no matter what.

There are many laminate floor dealers in and around Toronto, but you need someone who can give you the best advice and quality laminates at reasonable price. Invasion hardwood décor is one such firm that gives you all you need and more, within your budget.