There are many things you probably already do around the house that impact the environment positively. From recycling your trash to conserving your water usage, your contributions add up. Each and every one of us can make a small positive impact that pools with others’ impacts as well.

Over time, millions of Canadians like you across the nation will collectively help future generations inherit a better, more eco-friendly world. However, there is more that you can do around your home for the environment, without impacting your quality of life.

Laminate flooring looks and feels just like hardwood and softwood flooring, but it is better. It is cheaper, more sustainable, and easier to recycle than other forms of flooring, all of which are factors that should be considered when making a flooring decision. All these side factors shows that laminate flooring is a clear choice for Canadians who want to help save the world, one floorboard at a time.

More Affordable

Laminate flooring is cheaper to produce and sell due to its synthetic manufacturing process. To make metal flooring, it needs to be mined, refined, and molded into flooring. To create hardwood flooring, you need to find the particular tree you want, send it to a wood processing plant to turn into floorboards, and package it for consumers. This is time-consuming and expensive for everyone involved, especially the customer.

Laminate flooring, however, uses local and sustainable wood to keep costs down, as well as ensure a continuous supply of trees to supply. If the trees were rarer or more exotic, the costs would be much, much higher. Luckily, they are not.

More Sustainable

Since laminate flooring is made from local, more sustainable tree species, it is a more sustainable form of flooring than hardwood, for instance. Laminate flooring manufacturers also use recycled wood waste and wood pulp in the manufacturing process. Recycling everything from pencils to wooden chairs into laminate flooring means that less wood is used over time, and less trees are cut down. It also helps public recycling efforts by showing individuals and communities just how impactful their recycling efforts have been.

Laminate flooring also lasts longer, meaning you do not have to replace or repair it as often as hardwood. The top floor layer is made of a clear resin or laminate that protects the wood layer underneath it from dings, scratches, and dents. If you own pets or have a family, you should look into purchasing and installing laminate flooring. It will look great for decades in your conservative home!

More Recyclable

There are many ways to recycle your laminate flooring besides sending it to a recycling plant. If, for instance, you have just finished installing your laminate flooring but have extra flooring available, you can always store it in case you want to decorate another room in your home later. You may also have a friend or family member who is interested in laminate flooring. They may want to install laminate flooring in a small section of their home first, to “test” it before wishing to purchase it for larger rooms. It is also useful when redecorating furniture, for instance, if you want to finish your wooden tables with a “laminate wood” look without buying additional supplies.

There are many different uses for laminate flooring that all factor into its great reputation for affordability, sustainability, and recyclability. By doing so, you are not only helping out a friend in need. You are also helping out the environment, one action at a time.

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