The top favorite suggestion about the type of hardwood flooring by most of the interior designer’s in Toronto is engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring comprises of a sandwich of well-finished wood and plywood. The surface of the flooring on which we walk is finished wood, which is supported by the strong plywood underneath. Moist places like bathrooms and basements where other types of hardwood floorings fail, the engineered ones serve the purpose.

The number of installation choices provided by engineered hardwood flooring is plenty. In case the flooring is thin, it can be fixed with the help of nails. The thicker varieties can be simply installed in the form of floating floors. Floating floors are an easy D-I-Y that can be installed directly on the top of leveled and stable floors.

The weak point of engineered hardwood flooring is its thin upper layer. One option of dealing with the finish layer is sanding it, but only once or twice. Seeking the advice of a good hardwood company in this matter is better before trying out something. However, if the hardwood flooring is affected by dents or intense scratches, then sanding or refinishing can be chosen according to the flooring company.