Installing a hardwood floor is a long term investment.  As with any other kind of investment, you want to keep it protected from deterioration, degradation or outright loss.  This article will go over some of the ways that you can keep your hardwood floor looking brand new.

Take Off Your Shoes

Taking off your shoes in the house, especially high heels, heavy work boots or those caked in mud will go a long way to keeping your floors protected.  Heels and work boots are especially hard on floors and can easily cause permanent damage.  Just as harmful are dirt, small rocks and water which can create scratches or cause the hardwood to warp or cup. Simply removing your shoes when you enter the house is an easy method of protection for your hardwood floor.

Protect Heavy Traffic Areas

Entry ways and stair landings typically see more than their fair share of use and abuse.  Protect these areas from dirt and foot traffic with small rugs. Not only will they protect the floor from wear and tear, they will accumulate dust and dirt that can cause scratches and scuffing.

Use Furniture Foot Pads

Moving heavy furniture can leave major scratches on hardwood floors.  This may result from actually rearranging the furniture or just from slight movements caused by sitting down.  Prevent this altogether by fitting your tables and chairs with protective foot pads.

Keep Them Clean

Keeping your floors clean is the first line of defence when it comes to keeping them in good shape.  Employing a simple cleaning routine will help you remember to maintain your floors on a regular basis.  The basis of this routine starts with a daily sweeping. Use a broom or dust mop to clean the surface dirt and debris.  Microfibre mops capture dust more effectively and typically come with washable, reusable heads.  Floors should be deep cleaned every week followed by a monthly polish using the floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.  And every three to five years you’ll need to re-apply the protective coating.