So you have decided to purchase laminate flooring for your house. Now you are faced with the difficult task of installing it No need to panic. Laminate flooring is really easy to install and Invision Hardwood & Décor is here to guide you through the process.

Like hardwood flooring, it is necessary to acclimate laminate flooring. Store it, exposed, for up to 48 hours in the location where you plan to install it. This will allow it to constrict and expand to its permanent form before installation. This important step will save you valuable time and money.

While your laminate flooring acclimates, ensure that your subfloor is clean. Remove any base molding, dirt, and debris. A clean subfloor will make the installation of your laminate flooring that much easier. Following this step, lay your vapor barrier. This provides protection for your laminate flooring by providing it with a slight space between the sub floor and your new laminate.

Next, begin installing the laminate flooring parallel to the longest wall. Place half inch spacers against the wall so that the laminate flooring can breathe. This allows for expansion and constriction. It is recommended that you place these spacers every 12 inches or so. They will be covered later with the trim.

Continue snapping your laminate flooring into place, piece by piece. Stagger each row by 6 to 8 inches. This increases structural integrity and looks a lot better. Once the entire floor is snapped into place, trim the last piece to fit and you are nearly finished. Install any thresholds near doors and apply the base molding. If everything went according to plan, your laminate floor is good to go.

Invision Hardwood & Décor offers many flooring options to all of our customers. We have been providing our customers with flooring solutions for many years. We operate out of Toronto, but we offer our services to customers through Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Vaughan, and the entire GTA. Contact us if you have any questions about our products or the installation process.