Hardwood floors are popular because of their good looks, their durability and their longevity.  However, even the toughest of hardwood floors will eventually receive some scratches.  Some people think this gives the floors some added character whereas others will only see a flaw.  If you want to try some repairs on your own floors, we’ve come up with an article on how to fix scratches on hardwood flooring.

How To Repair Surface Scratches

The first thing to do is clean the floor so you don’t end up trapping dirt under the repair.  Use some hardwood floor cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the area thoroughly.  Rub the scratch with a cloth dampened with water and allow to dry.  Apply a new layer of sealant, varnish or urethane and allow to dry overnight.  For surface scratches a simple reapplication of the protective layer should be adequate.

How To Repair Light Scratches That Reach The Wood

If the scratch has made it past the protective coating and into the wood you’ll need to incorporate a little ingenuity with some steel wool and a wax wood repair stick.  Clean the area with hardwood floor cleaner and soft cloth as above.  Use fine steel wool to buff down the jagged edges of the scratch so that it blends in somewhat and becomes smooth.  Fill the scratch by rubbing the wax stick over and into the scratch and let it dry for about 15 minutes.  Once the wax is dry, buff the scratch with a dry cloth until it looks presentable.

How To Repair Deep Scratches In The Wood

Once again, clean the area with hardwood floor cleaner and allow to dry.  Remove the polyurethane coating by rubbing a scouring pad dampened with mineral spirits over the area that has the scratch.  Fill the scratch with wood filler and let it dry overnight.  Once dry you can level off the wood filler using a putty knife to get it in line with the rest of the floor.  If you’re happy with the result, apply a new layer of polyurethane sealant and let it dry overnight as well.