This month’s blog post will address any additional questions you may have regarding hardwood flooring, installation services, and more. Invision Hardwood & Décor is here to answer any questions that you may have about hardwood flooring.

Can I Install Hardwood Flooring in the Basement?

Installing hardwood flooring in your basement is a bad idea. Basements are below grade and susceptible to moisture. Excessive water can cause your floor to warp, rot, and swell. When water becomes trapped between the wood and the subfloor, you can expect cupping and crowning to occur.

How Do I Remove Difficult Stains?

If you encounter difficult stains on your hardwood flooring, it is recommended that you use a cleaner that is recommended by your manufacturer. In situations like these, the manufacturer has tested a specific chemical that is safe for use on their hardwood floors.

How Do I Maintain My Finish?

The easiest way to maintain the finish on your hardwood flooring is to employ proactive measures. For example, place felt tips on the bottom of furniture with rough legs, use throw rugs in heavy traffic areas, and frequently clean your floor to clear it of any rough debris.

How Much Hardwood Flooring Should I Order?

There is no clear cut answer to this question. However, most hardwood flooring experts recommend that you order 7 to 10 percent more hardwood floor than the project will require. This will help you overcome potential waste, improper cuts, and it will provide you with peace of mind.

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