When trying to decide on a flooring material you’ll quickly find there are many options available.  From hardwood to tile to carpet, there’s no lack of traditional flooring materials available.  However, one material that may have been overlooked due to a backdated reputation is vinyl.  There have been several innovations, including luxury vinyl planks (LVP,) luxury vinyl tile (LVT,) and stone polymer composite (SPC,) which have given vinyl flooring a new profile.  Maybe it’s time to give it another look.  Here are five reasons people choose vinyl flooring.

Moisture Resistance

One thing that hasn’t changed between your grandparent’s vinyl flooring and today’s modern product is its moisture-resistant abilities.  For areas like bathrooms and kitchens, spills and splashes can spell doom for certain types of flooring.  If you’re installing a floor in a room that’s sure to see its fair share of moisture, vinyl flooring will ensure you’re protected.  This is one of the main reasons people choose vinyl flooring.


As mentioned in the introduction, there are several new vinyl flooring products on the market that belie the old-fashioned reputation that the material once had.  There are vinyl flooring options that mimic other flooring types without the disadvantages that those materials exhibit.  Have you always thought hardwood would look great in the bathroom but have been worried about warping?  LVP gives you the best of both worlds.  Vinyl comes in a wide array of colours, textures, shapes and sizes which allows you to find the right look and feel for the job.


Another reason people choose vinyl flooring is the durability factor.  Knowing that a properly maintained vinyl floor can last 20 years or more makes it highly appealing.  Add the fact that vinyl is much lower maintenance than many other types of flooring materials makes it the perfect choice for those looking for a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain floor.

Underfoot Feel

Vinyl is much more forgiving underfoot feel than materials such as hardwood, stone or tile.  It’s also much warmer underfoot.  If you’re looking for something comfortable to walk on, vinyl flooring is a great choice.


Although some of the newer luxury vinyl flooring products can be quite expensive, most vinyl flooring options are very economical.  If you’re looking for a quality flooring material that won’t break the bank, it would be in your interest to look into vinyl.