Vinyl flooring has come a long way from the linoleum you may have found in your grandparents’ (or even great grandparents!) home.  Today’s vinyl flooring is extremely durable, able to withstand heavy foot traffic and comes in a wide variety of colours and designs.  If you’re asking, “Is vinyl flooring suitable for commercial use?” the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”  In this post, we’ll go over reasons why vinyl flooring is good for use in commercial situations.


As a general rule, commercial areas receive more traffic and wear and tear than what’s experienced at home.  For this reason, it’s important to install flooring that can withstand this type of use.  With today’s vinyl flooring you have a choice over the thickness of the wear layer which allows you to tailor it towards the predicted amount of foot traffic.  Adding a non-slip coating can make it the perfect material for commercial kitchens and other situations where steady footing is important.   Vinyl is also waterproof which makes it more desirable than many other types of flooring material.  Most commercial vinyl flooring will also come with a warranty to ensure that you’re protected in case of any manufacturing defects.

Range Of Types

Vinyl flooring is available in sheets, planks and tiles, each with its advantages.  Vinyl sheets can be installed in large areas quickly and provide a completely impermeable surface in situations with a lot of moisture.  Vinyl planks can be virtually indistinguishable from hardwood with much greater resistance to moisture, scratches and staining.  It’s also easy to replace a single plank if damage does occur.  Vinyl tile can be used to create ornate designs and give a room an entirely different feel than one that’s floored with planks or sheeting.


Compared to harder flooring materials such as stone or hardwood, vinyl is much more comfortable underfoot.  This can make it the ideal flooring for people who are on their feet all day.  The natural padding provided by vinyl can reduce fatigue and create a more productive workspace.  The aforementioned non-slip coatings will also improve the safety factor in any commercial space.