Everyone has a natural inclination to enjoy the outdoors. Everyone likes to do things like swim, hike in forested areas, suntan, and more. These experiences feel natural to us. It is possible they remind us of a more natural lifestyle, similar to that being enjoyed by our ancestors prior to the invention of civilization and cities.

While we cannot travel back in time and live their lifestyles, nor would we want to (indoor plumbing and water heaters are awesome), we can emulate the enjoyable aspects of a life in nature with hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring will grow on you metaphorically, as it cannot literally, since the wood has already been harvested and you most likely do not live in a tree house. However, the natural aspects of hardwood live on after its processing in the lumber mills. The touch, texture, sound, smell, etc. of hardwood flooring are unique. They cannot be emulated well with other forms of flooring like concrete, carpet, or laminate flooring. In short, hardwood flooring is a unique experience for homeowners to enjoy.

Top Three Natural Benefits Hardwood Flooring Will Provide

Indoor Air Quality

When you have young kids or pets, air quality can affect them more so than it will affect you. Even if you are a confirmed bachelor, air quality is important. With other forms of flooring, like carpeting for instance, they can trap dust mites and mold. Not only does it weaken the structural integrity of the flooring it if absorbs such malicious entities, but these mites and mold spores can be re-absorbed by our respiratory systems. This can happen any time your dog is sniffing the carpet or your child is rolling around in it.

Hardwood flooring is safer and more environmentally friendly than other forms of flooring for this matter. Engineered hardwood flooring does not trap dust mites and mold spores. It is also easier to clean these harmful entities from your flooring by sweeping and mopping your floors regularly. Having cleaner floors creates cleaner air quality.

The Environmental Impact

It may seem like the world is being deforested. After all, there are many environmental documentaries on television and YouTube with the sole purpose of teaching us how fragile our Earth is. Luckily, this does not apply to hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is a naturally occurring and sustainable resource. The timber felled in forests is replaced, often by the logging companies themselves, who pay for the forests they use to be. They are replenished with an equivalent number of trees, or more, that they take out. So, even though it might seem wasteful to environmentally conscious homeowners to purchase hardwood flooring, doing so has the exact opposite effect. Purchasing hardwood, and supporting the removal of timber from forests, can actually be a good thing.

Superior Durability

Engineered hardwood flooring is tough and will last decades. These types of flooring are famous for that. This is why many basketball courts are built using hardwood flooring. These floors will stand up to anything. For the busy homeowners with kids and pets, there is no predicting what will happen to your flooring. A kid can track mud, a dog can scratch and sniff, and a teenager can drag a couch across the floor to move it without assistance. You need a floor that is prepared for anything.

Being prepared is an essential quality in life, whether you are living at home or relaxing at the cottage. The installation of hardwood flooring can prepare you, as it has prepared countless others from all walks of life to deal with anything, due to its durability and toughness.

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