A veneer floor meanwhile uses a very tiny thin surface layer which is on top of a core made from composite wood products such as high density fiberboard. The core meanwhile for engineered flooring is always going to be a plank of solid wood, just not the same solid wood used on the top plank.

The other types of wooden flooring are hardwood flooring and bamboo flooring. These floors are made entirely out of the material that they are named after. So hardwood floors for instance are entirely hardwood and bamboo flooring is entirely made from bamboo. However many types of engineered flooring can be made to appear just like hardwood floors or hardwood flooring as the top plank of wood can be made from these same substances.

Interestingly, engineered flooring is the most common type of wooden flooring in the world. While North America has a large market for solid wood such as hardwood flooring and bamboo floors, the rest of the world tend to use engineered flooring.