Meanwhile the use of hardwood flooring and bamboo floors in North America is also being caught up by the use of engineered flooring.

A ‘sub-type’ of engineered flooring is known as ‘acrylic impregnated wood flooring‘. This is a product that uses a wood veneer made from real wood that has then been impregnated by a liquid acrylic and hardened through a unique process. This then creates engineered flooring that is highly durable and thus it is largely used in areas of particularly large traffic where it undergoes significant wear and tear. This flexibility of engineered flooring makes it highly useful and practical.

When comparing solid wood flooring such as bamboo floors and hardwood flooring, you need to look at the difference between cost, durability and more. However it is hard to compare the two types of flooring as both are large categories with many examples both good and bad of flooring. It is not a matter of whether engineered flooring is better or worse, but rather which wood you pick up from the floor shop.