The holiday season also brings about holiday season weather.  Snow, slush, cold temperatures and excess moisture can spell disaster for your flooring – nevermind all the extra foot traffic, shedding seasonal decorations and spilled food and drinks.  If you want your floor to survive the holiday season unscathed, you’ll have to be extra vigilant while being sure to employ these tips as well.

Consistent Cleaning

The best prevention against damaged floors is a well kept house.  Keeping a consistent cleaning schedule ensures dirt and moisture doesn’t accumulate and lead to scratches or warping.  During the holiday season you may even need to increase your regular sweeping and vacuuming to keep up with the extra footfall.


Having a place for guests to wipe their feet upon entry into your home is the best defense from dirt or moisture coming into contact with your floor in the first place.  Make sure you have doormats at all points of entry and on both sides of the door for maximum protection.

Shoe Removal

Since it’s your house, it shouldn’t be a huge problem to have family and friends remove their shoes at the door.  This will not only prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked throughout your home, it will also keep it contained to your entryway.

Shoe Racks

Of course, if you insist on shoe removal for people entering your house, they will need a place to leave their footwear.  Placing shoe racks at the doorway will also infer that yours is a house where shoes aren’t worn indoors.  Depending on the style of shoe rack and the material your flooring is composed of, you may want to place an absorbent rug or towel beneath the rack.


The home dwellers should already have their own slippers left at the doorway to allow for easy use, but you might also want to consider providing guest slippers.  Place a basket next to the shoe rack filled with slippers of varying sizes for guests of all ages to wear.  If you know you’re having company, you might also want to give your guests the option of bringing their own.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are great for protecting high traffic areas in your house.  Also consider laying them at the bottom of staircases.  Runner rugs and plastic mats are great for protecting hallways and staircases.  You may also want to consider rugs in front of sinks, the fridge and other areas where moisture might accumulate.