American cherry hardwood flooring is becoming a more popular option for homeowners in recent years.  There are a number of reasons for this increase in acceptance. This article expands upon five benefits of using cherry as a hardwood flooring material.


Since there are species of cherry that are native to eastern North America, the wood is easily available, doesn’t require logging in foreign countries or shipping over long distances.  Although the trees have been known to live for over 300 years, American cherry trees grow relatively fast and produce seeds after only ten years of growth.


American cherry isn’t the hardest wood available which means it can be prone to denting and scratches, but it is, nonetheless, an extremely durable wood.  This makes it ideal as a flooring material. It is also warp resistant which gives it stability and allows it to be used as an underflooring material as well.


American cherry is a good looking wood with a straight but attractive grain and a range of colours. Cherry wood can be quite light; similar to pine and birch which allows it to match most home interiors. That said, the wood has a slightly reddish hue that can become darker upon exposure to sunlight.  Using sealants causes the wood to become even darker. So there are a variety of shading options available depending on your tastes and needs.


American cherry hardwood floors provide a smooth surface that gives a pleasant underfoot feel.  The floors feel solid, but gentle. The surfaces also reflect sound quite well which makes listening to music that much more pleasurable.  Dust and dirt aren’t readily attracted to American cherry so they’re easily cleaned and maintained.


The fact that American cherry is a native species and doesn’t need to be shipped over long distances means that it’s quite affordable compared with some of the more exotic hardwood flooring species.  That said, the price of American cherry is mostly dependent on the grade of wood, which is the based upon imperfections and knots.