One of the hardest parts of keeping tile floors looking clean is dealing with the interstitial spaces known as grout.  And although tile flooring typically stands up well to harsh chemicals, most people would rather avoid using them if at all possible.  By using natural cleaning methods you’ll introduce fewer harmful chemicals into your environment.  This article will go over some of the ways to keep your tile floors clean without having to use harsh chemicals or solvents.

 Reduce Humidity

Humidity can play a large role in allowing mold and mildew to grow on tile floors and the grout.  By reducing the humidity in the room, you can prevent this growth from happening in the first place.  This can be easily accomplished by opening a window, employing a dehumidifier or using an exhaust fan.  Also make sure to wipe up any spills which can contribute to the air’s moisture.

 Baking Soda And Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are two of the most important tools for cleaning tiles floors without the need for harsh chemicals.  Baking soda by itself acts as a mild abrasive which can help remove dirt, mold and mildew.  It is also a natural deodorant.  Vinegar is also effective on its own for disinfecting dirty surfaces.  Combing the two results in a foaming action which can help with stubborn stains or calcium build ups.

 Lemon Juice And Salt

Similar to baking soda and vinegar, lemon juice and salt also provide an acid and an abrasive that can be used separately or together.  You won’t get the foaming action provided by the combination of baking soda and vinegar, but you will be able to easily remove stains.  Lemon juice also has a naturally fresh scent which leaves your floors not only looking, but smelling clean.

 Borax And Hydrogen Peroxide

A solution of borax and hydrogen peroxide works as a disinfectant and can be more effective than most commercial cleaners at eliminating bacteria.  Borax works to disinfect and deodorize while hydrogen peroxide is a fungicide that also acts to lighten stains.