Halloween decorating is a fast growing sector when it comes to seasonal household enhancements.  No longer is a carved pumpkin with a candle inside considered “going all out” when it comes to Halloween decorating.  People have taken to covering their entire front lawn, stairwell and house with Halloween decorations. You can take this even a step further by including decorations on your floors.  In this article we’ll present three ways to decorate your floors for Halloween.

Duct Tape And Floor Chalk

By using black duct tape, it’s quite easy to lay down a large spider web in the middle of your floor.  Simply make a large angular shape and make successive smaller ones within it. Attach each shape to the other at their corners and you’ll end up with a quick, but visually effective spider web.  If you have concrete floors, you can use floor chalk to great effect by sketching various Halloween themed characters in seasonal colours. You can also use duct tape or chalk to create crooked pathways that can lead Halloweeners in a desired direction.

Floor Decals

Innovations in vinyl graphics have allowed manufacturers to produce large graphics that temporarily stick to floors.  You can get a wide variety of scary designs – some related to Halloween and some just plain scary. Lay silhouettes of witches on brooms or jack o’ lanterns on your front steps or porch hallway to let people know they’ve come to a house that celebrates Halloween.  Laying down a striking vinyl graphic on your bathroom floor can have a startling effect for those who step into it for the first time. Use your imagination to find spots on your floors that work well with floor decals.


Stairs can be a great area to decorate because you have both horizontal and vertical surfaces.  This gives you double the area on which to place graphics and decorations. If you have a set of stairs leading up to your front door, or there’s a stairwell facing you when you enter your front door, adding fluorescent graphics to the “rise” part of the stairs gives you a lot of room to work with and will be instantly visible to anyone approaching.