Although hardwood flooring is considered to never go out of style, there are definitely trends influencing the most popular styles of hardwood.  Similar to fashion, flooring is something that’s used by everybody and can speak something about the person who displays it.  And although not everybody has a choice about the type of flooring they have, those that do can make a statement with their preference.  This article will go over some of today’s most popular hardwood flooring picks.

Gray Woods

The neutral tone of gray affords a lot of leeway when it comes to decorating.  Far from colourless, gray gives a room a contemporary feel while allowing furniture and other accessories to stand out.  Gray flooring has been popular for awhile now, but the trend doesn’t seem to be abating.

Parquet Flooring

The term parquet is derived from the French term for “small compartment.”  Parquet uses small pieces of hardwood to create a geometric design, typically made from squares and triangles.  One of the most popular types of parquet flooring is herringbone which uses rectangles to create its design.  Once popular in old Europe, parquet floors are becoming more trendy in North America as of late.

 White Oak

White oak is a highly versatile hardwood.  By using different cuts and grades you can end up with completely different looks.  White oak is easily stainable which means it can appear almost pure white all the way to dark brown or black.  White oak is highly durable and works in a large variety of locations throughout the home.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is popular for its looks, its versatility and its sustainability.  Reclaimed woods can complement a vintage or rustic style when left quite rough.  They can also be finished to create a proper lustre.  Reclaimed wood makes a good flooring material for spaces that get a lot of traffic as any wear just adds to its beauty.

 Long And Wide Planks

As woodworking machinery has improved, creating long and wide planks has become easier.  Although there is some controversy over the use of large, old growth trees to create such large boards, there is an argument for using these age old trees before they die of natural causes.  One of the main benefits of long and wide planks is a reduction in the number of visible seams.  Such boards also have the ability to make rooms look larger.