Hardwood is the supreme leader when it comes to flooring materials.  Its look, feel, durability and versatility make it the number one choice when it comes to value for money.  But there are things to consider when installing hardwood in specialized rooms such as the kitchen.  To help ensure you’re making the correct choice, we’ve put together a list of three things to know about using hardwood flooring in kitchens.

Warranty Considerations

Before you lay down your hard-earned cash for hardwood flooring that’s going to be used in a kitchen, make sure to read the fine print on the warranty.  Many hardwood flooring manufacturers offer some sort of warranty, but some of them will limit the warranty to certain rooms in the house.  If the warranty guarantee is an important part of your purchasing decision, make sure that it will cover kitchen installation.

Finish Considerations

Finishing your hardwood floor is a must to protect it from staining, scratching and moisture. Hardwood floors can be bought pre-finished or they can be finished after installation.  There is a significant difference between the two with pros and cons for each.  The surface of prefinished floors is generally more durable than those finished after installation, but there will never be a perfect seal between planks.  Hardwood floors that are finished on-site may need to be treated more often, but the finish will seal the cracks and temporarily prevent any moisture from seeping into the floorboards.

Maintenance Considerations

Hardwood floors are relatively easy to maintain as long as they are regularly swept and kept clean.  It’s important to immediately wipe up any spills and prevent water from pooling.  Excess moisture can cause warping and decomposition of the wood.  One of the major benefits of solid hardwood flooring is the ability to refinish them if they become stained or damaged.  You typically don’t need to refinish hardwood floors more than once every 10 years making it possible to refinish ¾ inch planks up to 10 times or more.  You know you’ll have made a lasting investment when you install hardwood.