When it comes to flooring materials, hardwood is considered a classic.  Good-looking, durable and affordable, hardwood flooring works in all types of homes.  But what are the most popular types of hardwood used for flooring?  Read more to find out.


Because of its ubiquity throughout North America, oak is often the easiest hardwood flooring material to come by.  This makes it relatively affordable while also providing choice when it comes to colour and grain.  The two main types used for floors are red oak and white oak.  Red oak has a more prominent grain and a darker colour, whereas white oak features a finer grain and lighter colours.  When it comes to comparing different types of hardwood flooring, oak rates high in affordability, durability and moisture resistance.


Maple is another native North American species which makes it quite an affordable hardwood flooring material.  It’s incredibly durable and offers a naturally beautiful hue that works well in both modern and classic-style homes.  If there is a drawback to maple it’s that it’s not easily stained.  Therefore you should probably only choose maple if you’re already happy with its colour.


Ash is such a durable wood that it’s often used to manufacture baseball bats.  Its colour can range from near-white to deep brown.  It also takes on stain well if you decide you need a change of colour.  Ash has a unique grain but is less resistant to moisture than many other popular types of hardwood used for flooring.  Because it typically grows in Europe and Asia it can be slightly more expensive than domestic species.


Cherry is a strong wood with a subtle grain.  The two main types originate from North America and Brazil.  Brazilian cherry is generally darker with the North American version a lighter red.


Walnut sports a darker look than many other popular types of hardwood used for flooring, but this gives it a luxurious look that may not be as pronounced with lighter-coloured woods.  The linear grain also tends to make it appear more sophisticated.  Walnut is quite a smooth wood which also means it’s easy to keep clean.