Solid hardwood is the classic, premium flooring material.  It’s stable, strong, good looking and will last for decades.  But there are some places in the home where it’s better used than others.  For example, you may be wondering, “Should hardwood flooring be used in bedrooms?”  In this post, we’ll go over the pros and cons of installing a hardwood floor in the room where you do most of your sleeping.

Pros Of Using Hardwood Flooring In the Bedroom


While carpet may be the most popular flooring type installed in bedrooms, for people with severe allergies or respiratory illnesses, hardwood flooring may be a better choice.  Brand-new carpet often gives off a noxious smell caused by volatile organic compounds used in their manufacture.  It also retains dust and other allergens far more easily than hardwood.  For those who need especially clean air, hardwood flooring may be the ideal choice in the bedroom.

Easy To Clean

Another reason why hardwood flooring used in the bedroom is a favourite among those with allergies and other respiratory problems is the ease with which it is to remove dust and other allergens.  Simple sweeping, vacuuming or mopping is generally all it takes to remove offending particulates.

Good Looks

Hardwood flooring has always been valued for its visual appeal.  It’s even more striking when installed in a bedroom.  If you want your bedroom to have a unique look while allowing the furniture to “pop out,” a hardwood floor is a perfect way to get what you want.

Cons Of Using Hardwood Flooring In the Bedroom

Cold On The Feet

One of the main reasons carpeting is used in the bedroom is to provide a warm and soft cushion for your feet when you get out of bed in the morning.  Hardwood, on the other hand, can be a shock to the system – especially on really cold days – when getting out of a warm bed shortly after waking up.


Another reason carpet is so popular in bedrooms is because of its insulative properties.  It reduces the amount of noise emanating from other parts of the house or when walking across the bedroom floor.  Hardwood flooring can produce or facilitate noises that might wake you up.