For those who have installed reclaimed hardwood floors or are going for a rustic, farmhouse look, scratches on the floor may not be that big a deal.  In fact, they may be desired and add to the ambience of the room.  However, not everyone appreciates scratches on their hardwood floors – especially if they’re relatively new.  To help those people out, we’ve put together this guide on how to repair scratched hardwood.

How Deep Is The Scratch?

The method you employ will depend on how deep the scratches are.  You may also have to use a different approach if the scratches are numerous, rather than singular.  If you have several scratches across the surface of the floor, you might want to consider refinishing the entire floor.  On the other hand, a few scratches should be able to be repaired by hand.

Try The “Walnut Trick”

For smaller, shallow scratches, try rubbing them with a piece of raw walnut.  The oils in the walnut will soak into the scratch and darken with time.  After rubbing with the walnut, rub the scratch with your fingers followed by a soft cloth.  This simple trick can save you the time and hassle of sanding and recolouring with a stain.

Try A Wood Marker

If the walnut trick doesn’t work on a shallow scratch, you may need to make a small investment in a set of wood markers.  Find a shade that matches your floor (try it on a hidden area first.)  Once you’ve identified the right colour, fill in the scratch.  Blot any excess colouring with a paper towel or soft cloth and leave to dry.  Once dry, you may want to gently buff it out with the paper towel or cloth.

Try A Wood Filler

If the scratches are deeper, you may need to use a wood filler to level up the scratch.  Fill the scratch with the wood filler, then level it off using a putty knife.  Allow the filler to dry for a couple of hours or however long it says on the packaging.  If necessary, once dried, lightly sand the filler to make it smooth and level with the rest of the floor.  When smooth you can use a wood stain or a wood marker to match the colouring with the rest of the floor.