Industries such as fashion, music and technology all produce trending reports for the forthcoming year.  We see no reason why there wouldn’t be one in the hardwood flooring industry as well!  In keeping with the season, we’ve put together a list of four hardwood flooring trends to look for in 2023.

Sustainable Options

Eco-friendly, environmentally sound materials have been trending for several years now and we see no abatement for 2023.  The environment is increasingly on everybody’s minds.  When it comes to significant, long-term investments such as hardwood flooring, a sustainable choice can make a long-lasting impact.  Reclaimed woods, fast-growing species and using especially durable woods are all hardwood flooring trends to look for in 2023.

Longer, Wider Planks

On the surface, the idea of longer, wider planks may fly in the face of sustainability.  Mainly because longer, wider planks are typically harvested from larger, more mature trees.  However, engineered hardwood can help make bigger planks a sustainable choice as well.  Long, wide planks place more emphasis on wood grain and texture while making a space look larger and less busy.

Lighter Natural Colours

Gray, hand-scraped planks have been trending for several years now, but it appears the pendulum is swinging back toward lighter, natural colours and textures.  This appears to coincide with a trend toward minimalism.  However, even those not enamoured with the minimalist look have been resorting to lighter, natural wood colours because it allows for more flexibility with the rest of the decorating decisions.  

Higher Prices

Not all hardwood flooring trends in 2023 are positive.  Higher prices are sure to be seen by both suppliers and customers in the forthcoming year.  Supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, higher interest rates, the potential of a global recession and the war in Ukraine are all factors that are impacting the prices of hardwood flooring.  That said, if you’re remodelling for an eventual resale of your house, you may find using premium materials such as hardwood may allow your property to retain its value in a tough mortgage market.