Engineered hardwood flooring is a popular choice for homeowners because it gives you a stable and durable floor covering with the look and feel of solid hardwood.  What you don’t have to contend with is the elevated price associated with solid hardwood floors.  But does engineered hardwood flooring need to be sealed?  While it usually comes pre-finished, it’s always a good idea to seal engineered hardwood flooring as well.  In this article, we’ll explain why.

Lessen The Chances Of Water Damage

Water is the bane of existence when it comes to engineered hardwood.  While it can withstand small quantities of moisture as long as it’s quickly wiped up, the seams between the planks can allow excessive water to seep through.  This can cause your floorboards to swell, warp and curl – something no owner of an engineered hardwood floor wants to experience.  By sealing your floor you’ll greatly reduce the chances of water damage should moisture ever manage to accumulate.  Sealing won’t make your floor waterproof, but it will massively reduce any damage that might occur.

Provide A Protective Layer

While engineered hardwood flooring can be sanded down and refinished, you’re limited in the number of times you can do this.  This is because the wear layer is often less than a couple of millimeters thick.  After too many sanding’s you’ll ground down into the plywood core and ruin the appearance.  By applying a sealant you’ll add another protective layer to the planks and reduce the necessity of sanding and refinishing.  

It Will Save You Money

Sealing your engineered hardwood flooring will save you money in the long run.  It’ll cut down on scratches, water damage and staining which will reduce the need for sanding and refinishing.  As mentioned, you’re limited to the number of times you can sand your engineered hardwood floor.  Once you reach the limit, your only option is to replace the floor entirely.  Sealing engineered hardwood flooring doesn’t cost a lot of money and it will pay off over time.  It will save you the time, labour, money and worry that sanding and refinishing your floor necessitates.