As laminate flooring technology has gotten better over the years, the low cost alternative to solid hardwood flooring has become more and more popular.  2018 will surely be another banner year for laminate flooring and this year’s trends prove just that.  In this article we forecast the 4 major trends in laminate flooring for 2018.

Waterproof Laminates

The fact that there are now waterproof laminates available is probably bigger news than the invention of laminates in the first place.  Neither solid hardwoods nor traditional laminates work well in areas where water is a factor, so having a good looking option that can resist water is a major break through.  Although it may be hard to find, sourcing it for use in your kitchen or bathroom will be well worth the effort.

Reclaimed Wood Look Alikes

Because actual reclaimed wood has become such a popular material for interior designers, decorators and social media mavens, laminate floor makers didn’t take too long before jumping on the trend.  Coming up with laminate planks that replicate the look of reclaimed wood has allowed laminate producers to get in on the reclaimed wood action and give an affordable option to homeowners.

Handscraped Look Alikes

People are willing to pay large amounts of money for authentic, hand scraped, solid hardwood flooring.  Laminate makers have allowed budget conscious buyers to benefit from the good looks and trendiness of hand scraped boards with embossed planks that actually look handscraped.  These laminates are able to replicate the high quality looks without the high prices.

Gray Laminates

Gray flooring has been popular for several years now and the trend doesn’t seem to be abating.  Gray wood has been used by many interior designers and homeowners to give a contemporary, sophisticated look.  The color provides a great backdrop for most every other color allowing for maximum flexibility in furnishings and decorations.