Of all the parts that come together to make up a home, floors can be the trickiest. We use them every day and between kids, pets, parties, dirt, etc. they take a beating! Which is why making the decision to purchase the best flooring for your home is so important. Many of us may know this, but not know where to begin. Which is why we have created a list with some of the top questions you should as before buying your brand new floor.

What does each type of wood do best?

Part of choosing the right flooring is understanding what different types of flooring can offer to families. For example, Brazilian Walnut or Oak do very well with high traffic areas. Think about the space you will be adding flooring and what it will be used for. Then talk to your local floor specialist about which options fit that situation best.

What flooring will Fido not ruin?

For those of us with pets, we know they can be as destructive as they are lovable. Look for flooring that will be able to stand up to all the challenges that can come with owning a pet. This may be wood that can handle scratches from sharp nails or flooring that is easily affected by wet substances, like potty accidents. Also, consider how easy it is to clean your floors. Some pets require extensive amounts of clean up, make sure your floors are not so delicate they cannot take the stress.

Should I pay for professional installation?

While it may appear installing hardwood floors are as easy as laying down some glue and getting the pieces to fit just right it is actually much more complex. Professional flood installation requires years of training that will help you understand things like how to properly prep a surface and position the planks properly.

Flooring can be expensive but well worth it. When you buy quality floors made for your home then install them properly, you are ensuring you will have beautiful floors for the longest time possible. This is why it is so important to do your due diligence and ask questions when going through this exciting process.